Ishida House, Matsudo

After breakfast we watched some TV. It was a broadcast of a play/musical, starring mostly kids that looked less than 12 years old. They were pretty good, it would be nice to be that talented.

We went to a huge park near a lake, the second biggest body of water in Japan. There was a roller-slide that looked almost a hundred meters long, a huge play structure shaped like a zeppelin (apparently a zeppelin stopped by here about 70 years ago), a nature center, a water system powered by a windmill, and lots of grass. We did a lot of hacky-sack and other stuff, really tired ourselves out.

The car ride home took a bit longer, we didn't use the expressway and there was plenty of traffic. I learned the word for "traffic," conderu. It sounds quite similar to the Japanese pronunciation of my name.


Julia said...

The biggest is the Atlantic, right? :P