Ishida House, Matsudo

This morning we set up our bank accounts. We don't have our ATM cards yet, but we do have these nifty little balance books. You can put them in the machine at the post office and it'll let you access your account, and it'll print the transaction in the appropriate line for you. It took me all of five minutes to jam the machine, but everything worked out ok. Eventually.

In the afternoon we went up to Amanuma-sensei's house in Saitama for a tea ceremony. It was a lot less formal than the one I did two years ago, and more enjoyable because she didn't make us sit on our legs. I got to actually try my hand at making the tea this time, also. Amanuma-sensei's husband is a record company exec, so she has a really nice house and garden. She was very eager to show it all to us, it was pretty nice.