Amaya House, Kurosaki

I went for a walk today. Just far enough from the house to not justify turning around, it went from not a hint of rain to pouring cats and dogs in the span of about twenty seconds. I bought a nice new umbrella at the supermarket.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Cramming my study project together... no time for anything interesting.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

I met my next host mother. Man I really need to finish up my project.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Today I visited Tanaka party, with Mayu and Yukke. After, I went to futsal. Forgot about it ahead of time so I didn't have any of my stuff. Nakahama drove me to the station.

I got to the station a little late so I decided to go on the limited express so I could make the last bus. Problem was, the train was late, so I missed the bus anyways. Walked home.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Yesterday I went to Sasebo and stayed at Tomura tutor's house.

Today I went to a shrine in Nagasaki with Tabira tutor before going to Taniyama party. Hope the kitty does ok.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Today was my host dad's birthday. I made dinner again.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

I've been cramming my rear off for the last two days to get this report pounded out. That's pretty much it. Not done yet.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Man, that's twice this week I've completely forgotten to make an entry. Seriously, I've been doing nothing but working on my Go project. Although, the trains were late yesterday, I guess that's notable.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Went to Sato party. Had to go back to labo center and stay until 10.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Went to Suzuki party today. One of the kids was related to my host family, and is going to Idaho soon.

Amaya House, Kurosaki

Today was my last day with the Amaya family, we made it count. In the morning I went bowling with my host mom, then we went to a labo hapyoukai thing in kokura, then we went out for sushi. Packed up and put my bags in the mail. Had cake and ate it. Played ps3 golf with my host dad. Naohiro tried to explain Ultraman.

New City Hotel, Shinjuku

Wow, what a week. Monday, I said goodbyes and then got on the wrong train. I spent the 5 hour shinkansen ride finishing my project. That evening I went out with everyone, mexican and karaoke. Got back really late, to a full dorm.

Tuesday, Emma, Stuart, Janet and I took off for Mt. Fuji. We climbed up to a ridiculously overpriced guesthouse at about station 8.4. We were gonna get up at 2 and climb the rest of the way to see the sunrise, but it was storming and there probably wouldn't have been much to see anyways, so we slept in.

We eventually got to the top, it was still storming. I should have prepared for the trip, that's an awfully high mountain. Going back down was a little faster.

We had our bus schedule wrong and missed the last bus to shinjuku, so we had to go the long way, changing over at another station.

It was late by the time I got back. Did laundry and stayed up until 1 finalizing my report and presentation.

Today, I went to the Labo center, printed everything off, and we gave our presentations. Katie did kimonos, and dressed Janet in a yukata on stage. I did my Go intro and went through a game record. Coral gave a well-organized presentation on NGOs and NPOs, mostly relating to peace organizations. Emma created a manga on the whiteboard right there in front of everyone. I enjoyed them, though we all went overtime.

There was a company party on after, we all spoke and got little presents, I got a neat fan. There was another person there, a 4H representative from the university of arizona.

Now, we're chilling at the New City Hotel. Tomorrow a bunch of kids fly in, and we'll stay at the OMYC.

Nagano House, Fukuoka

Yesterday we went off to the airport to pick up delegates. We had a few interesting hiccups, but got everyone ok. Some stories there, but I'm tired.

Today I got up really early at the OMYC, took everyone for a walk, and finished the program. Then I took the shinkansen back to Fukuoka, dropping off a bunch of delegates along the way. Met my new host at a hapyoukai in Asakasa, and now I'm all settled in.

Nagano House, Fukuoka

My host dad's favorite movie is Porco Rosso. How about that.

We went to a baseball game today. The hawks cleaned up, it was hardly a contest. They opened the dome at the end, too, that was nifty.

Nagano House, Fukuoka

Today I visited Tasaki party, my host sister Ryoko's party.

Mom's name is Junko, dad is Masahiro. Dog is Sakura. Tiredness.

Nagano House, Fukuoka

Today there was the tutor school hapyoukai. Very sad.

After work, the whole office went out to dinner. They sure like their alcohol. The food was pretty good, though; nom fondue. Back late.

Nagano House, Fukuoka

A few days ago, on the train, I turned on my PSP to find the directional pad completely non-functional. Today, I busted it open to clean it and look for some kind of loose connection or something. It isn't that simple, apparently. I think I need to replace the part. Ugh.

I walked back from the station today, and stopped by some shops on the way.