Ishida House, Matsudo

Today we wrote letters to ourselves, the idea being that in a year we'll open the envelopes and laugh at our naivete. My letter was fairly concise, mostly "now you're even older" stuff and asking for lotto numbers. Coral's went on for pages, I wonder what she was saying. Emma pulled out some art pens and we decorated the envelopes, too.

We had a test and speech instead of class today. I got 33 out of 41, which isn't so bad considering I didn't study for the test at all. If I can do that well on the JLPT4 in december (of which this test is supposed to be the same level) I'll pass by a good margin. I spectacularly fumbled my speech, tripping up on a word I learned two minutes before I gave it. That, and my speech was kinda dry to start with. Guess I'm not cut out to be a Japanese politician after all.

Today was likely the last time the six of us interns would be hanging out together, as the two Aussies are leaving in January. We went to the Italian place on the ground floor of the building, but only for forty-five minutes or so. Most of us had to return home to pack (we ship our suitcases tomorrow morning), including me.