I've added a few more entries, and a few more features.

I added all the entries from my 2006 journal, including some that hadn't yet been posted online.

There are a few extra sections now including a contact page.

Speaking of contact, please comment on any entries you find interesting (or don't). Feedback is good. And I've got a cell phone now, so please send me email as well. Those train rides are pretty lonely, despite being so crowded.

~Cordell Newmiller


mamagotcha said...

It was very cool to reread your 2006 trip stuff! (It looks like a couple got accidentally put into 2008, though... might want to check the order?)

Are you going to see your second host family again?

More, more, more! Thanks SO MUCH! And it was fun talking with you last night!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cordell,

You probably don't remember me. We met a couple of years ago when your family checked out our Robotics group. When your mom circulated a note on the homeschool loop, telling us that you're in Japan, I had to check out your blog. It's really fun to read!

Hope your year in Japan is wonderful. Best of luck!

Rebecca Kidwell