Ishida House, Matsudo

I woke up with a lovely sore throat today. I've been feeling a little iffy for a few days, but I hadn't yet mentioned it to anyone for fear of being dragged off to the hospital. I'm gonna try to get some extra sleep to help get better, so this might be brief.

We did an album workshop with Kate and Simon today. They liked my album so far, especially Snowy the tiger.

It's Mayu's birthday, so on the way home I stopped at Akihabara and picked up a copy of Nintendogs for her. She's been in love with mine since I showed it to her last week, so maybe this will be something tangible she can remember me by. I got home late, so she hasn't had a chance to play it yet, but she likes the box at least.

The bath water was green again today. I stuck with a shower.


Amanda said...

Feel better.

Jeff said...

Rest and take 40 drops. ;)