I finally got a chance to get online! I'll update when I can, although that may be somewhat random until I figure things out connectivity-wise.

I've modified post times to be chronologically correct from when they were written, not posted.

My email is Justme8800 at gmail dot com, at the moment it's the best way to get in touch with me.



mamagotcha said...

Wow, what an adventure so far!

We've been making okonomiyaki here lately, although my yakisoba hasn't been so great (I keep trying different noodles, but they seem to be all dry and broken up by the time I use them). Tastes good, just leaves a lot to be desired in the visuals.

Did you just startle the lady, or did something happen to her? Why was she so shocked by you? You're big and colorful, but you don't look like you're gonna rob or hurt anyone.

The Sarah Palin story has been, um, very interesting. There's a post on my LJ talking about it. It's a total trainwreck and the schadenfreude is thick indeed. Obama has been taking the high road... the Republicans are taking their candidates down just fine all by themselves.