Ishida House, Matsudo

Tomorrow is a national holiday, but our day off got moved ahead to today. I first went to Matsudo to get my gaigokujin card, that went ok, no nasty surprises. It's nice and shiny and holographic and all that jazz, and it'll pretty much serve as my identification card for the next year.

After that, I headed off to spend the rest of the day at Akihabara. I had a few things in mind to get, none of which I ended up finding. I walked through dozens of stores over the span of about 7 hours, and did find a some cool stuff. The Haruhi and Naruto PSP games, a few really cheap PS1 games, and some gashapon figures.

Early day tomorrow, at least the trains shouldn't be too full.


mamagotcha said...

I'm still hoping for a Cool Thing!