Ishida House, Matsudo

I remembered that we were going to the Edo-Tokyo museum today, and to meet in Shinjuku station instead of the Mitsui Building. The museum was awesome, but we only had about two hours, so we missed a few floors.

We tried to set up our bank accounts during lunch, but they needed our gaigokujin cards, the one I can't pick up until next week.

Emma recommended that I try the HMV in Takashimiya Times Square for the single I was looking for. As I walked in, the rfid detectors beeped at me. A few people looked up, but no one said anything. I walked back through it, and it didn't go off again. I found the J-pop section, the band, and finally the single. It was thirteen bucks. For one song? Screw that. The detector beeped again as I left, but no one seemed to notice. That or they weren't up for approaching a big, annoyed-looking gaijin.

When I got home, I got online and checked iTunes. Not there, of course. I switched to the Japanese iTunes, but they didn't even have the artist, much less the song. I gave up and did it the easy way. The song isn't really as good as I remember, anyways. I guess jet engines do sort of cloud one's audible judgement.