June 23rd

Today was the big performance day for our Labo group. We went to the center at 11 in the morning, and they rehearsed until like 2:00. About 40 or so people showed up, There were some littler kids with their own skits, and the Prometheus skit went OK. After the skits we sang some songs, and tried to play some games. Telephone didn't really work too well, as many of the younger kids didn't really understand it, and had to have the phrase repeated multiple times. Charades didn't work that great either, as there were too many people, and the rules of the game got a little twisted through translation. Everyone had fun trying, though. I got to go up and give another album presentation and juggle a bit, too.

Then we had kind of a little celebration tea party, with little snacks and stuff. I pulled out the hacky sack, and a lot of people joined. Some of the kids were really good, too, despite a few misplaced volleys that went over the drink table.

After that, all the senior group went out to an Italian restaurant for a few hours. We had a pretty good time, lots of chatting and laughing. We went to a BaskinRobbins afterward, they were having a three-for-two matsuri sale.

The bike ride home was fun. It was pretty dark, and Hiro and Naoya were sharing the same bike. Chie and Yukiko were going kinda far ahead on a long dark stretch of bike path alongside the channel, and Hiro and Naoya were falling behind me. I blinked or something, and they were all gone. Turned out Hiro and Naoya had stopped to change places and hadn't said anything, and Chie and Yukiko had gone around a turn way ahead of me. Everything was fine, but it kinda startled me and I wont be forgetting that moment anytime soon, in the middle of I-don't-know-where with no one around in the dark.