July 10th

I got up this morning at 3 am to watch the Final. Stupid tie made the game run an hour longer, so I didn't get to take a nap until 6, and slept til 8. I didn't get to sleep until after midnight, so I've been running more or less on autopilot for the day.

At school, we split up into groups for a kind of field trip hunt. Our group was given a picture of a shrine gate, and was told to find it and get people to take pictures of us with it. Turns out it was in Harajuku, all of a 4 minute train ride away. We each asked some bystanders to take a picture for us, in japanese. The people I picked to ask turned out to be Korean tourists, so I don't think they understood anything I said, japanese or english. They were plenty happy to take the picture, though. After we finished, we stopped by a concession shack and bought some slushie type thingies, mine was a sourish strawberry.

Take twisted his ankle at his table tennis club, and had to go into a clinic. He seems fine now... despite a limp, he's decidedly proud about the bandage.

By the way, I love seeing comments, it's a lot more fun to update when I know people are actually seeing it. Sorry I can't spend too much time chatting and stuff, but I do read them at least. :)