June 22nd

Naoya had lacrosse practice for the day, so Kozue took me out to a nearby Labo party's performance. It was all younger kids, and they put on a few simple plays and skits. There was a nice rendition of "Puss in Boots", and another act that involved pulling up a huge radish. After those, I got volunteered to go up and do a presentation with my album, and I showed them some hacking tricks.

In the evening, Naoya took me out the Matsuri summer festivities. The town closed off the main street, lined it up with booth vendors, and the whole population crowded there. It was like the WEF, but with beer. A lot of people were dressed in kimonos, and there was a lot of little games to play, and stalls selling variously singed I-don't-want-to know-what, little toys like squirt guns and masks of popular anime characters, and even TCG singles. There were these cool japanese snow cone things, where they shaved the block of ice in front of you. There was a concert area, but the music playing when I stopped by there wasn't that great. Naoya and I hacked for a while, but I don't think anyone knew what the heck it was, much less joined.

On the way back, we stopped by a conbini and got some ice cream. When we got back, Hiro was miffed that we didn't get him any.