July 2nd

Mitsuda house

I went to Akihabara with Tokio and Victoria today. That place is incredible. Blocks upon blocks crammed full of shops selling anime, manga, games, and electronics. Most of the shops span more than 6 floors, even though their footprint isn't any bigger than a couple hundred square feet. I could easily pick any store and spend hours looking at a small section. The entirety of Akihabara would take a freaking eternity to explore.

While each individual thing there is usually cheap compared to list price, there's a damn lot of individual things there. I found a pretty good deal on a cool silver slim PStwo... I kinda couldn't resist buying it... don't kill me, mom. I got Narutimate Hero 3, Katamari Damashii, and a Prince of Tennis game. I also bought another pile of manga... it's actually reasonably priced here, especially used. Clayton is going to freak when he sees this collection I've piled up, and then he's going to be really pissed that it's all in a language he doesn't know. I'm starting to be able to read a little bit, but I've got a long way to go.

After that, we went through some other stores before we had to go home. Victoria bought a bunch of little anime figures, the kind usually targeted to lonely otaku. I have to wonder if she felt out of place at all there... the only other girls there were the ones who had jobs involving cosplay. She sure as hell didn't look like she felt that, though, cause she seemed to have just a good a time as I did.

There was a ton of stuff I wanted to just grab, but I couldn't really spend much more money... I'm a little close to budget point already. We went to an arcade for a while, there were a lot of those crane game things. One of them had Phoenix Wright figures, so I couldn't resist trying it... now I know that I suck at those crane game thing. Victoria tried it a couple times too, and she almost got it, but the stupid claw slipped before it could get over the dispenser.

After we got home, we went to a LABO party at a local park. That was a lot of fun, we played soccer and vollyball, and when it got dark, we pulled out a ton of fireworks (花火). I managed to juggle a single lit sparkler before I was told that it was dangerous, so I never got around to doing three. I had a lot of fun with the various kinds of sparklers, and they had roman candles and little tanks that shot fireworks out their barrels. I had a nice surprise lighting what I thought was just a big sparkler, and it started launching rockets. No one got hit, at least.

Tokio burned the DAQ special onto a DVD for me, so Clay and Dad can look forward to that. Also, there were a couple of upsets in the world cup this morning... England lost to Portugal, and Brazil lost to France. What is it with Brazil and France, anyways? France has been totally sucking, except when they play Brazil. This is like the third time in the last few decades that they've upset them like this.