July 7th

Today was Tanabata, a local holiday. I didn't see any parades or anything, but I got to write up a wish (in japanese) and hang it on some bamboo. I used neon yellow paper, but I couldn't reach the higher part of the bamboo like some other people had managed. So, I'm not sure what priority my wish will get from Vega and Altair.

Brooke is drawing a group picture of her friends, and I get to be a panda bear wearing my hat. And in Emily's drawing of me, I'm a blushing ice cream cone with my hat.

There are a million different random drinks you can buy out of vending machines. Even though there are vending machines everywhere, it can be difficult to find your preference. Out of all the stuff I've had, there's this one drink... in one of the huge steel cans, and a blue label. It's called *something* サイダー . It's kind of a soda, without the extra stuff like coloring or flavoring, but as far as I can taste still has plenty of sugar. Just wanted to remember the name.