July 8th

This morning I went down to play soccer with Atsuki's team for a couple hours. The kids here are all fairly good, so I had a lot of fun being able to put my all into it. The field we played on had some gravel near the goal, and I scraped my knee on a particularly poorly executed dive. Oh well, I'll survive.

Kage and Victoria came over for lunch, and then we all went to Mandai Shoten for another reckless expenditure of money. I managed to stay within budget, but I did spend a lot. I got presents for Tommy, Denis, and Jesse, a DAQ game, a HxH game, a HnG game, and a Lupin III game.

Victoria bought enough stuff to stagger a donkey, mostly manga and figures. She also managed to buy the exact Orange Range CD I was planning to buy (and upon finding the shelf empty had assumed they were sold out.) I'll rip it before she leaves, though.

After that, we went to a LABO reception for exchange students. There were a bunch of kids who are going to be going on a homestay in North America in a couple weeks, including Mae and Kanade.

All the nihongo homestay students in the region got to introduce themselves. I introduced myself saying I liked my hat, Eric introduced himself saying he loved his host family, and Alex introduced himself saying he liked pina coladas and long walks on the beach.