July 13th

Today I visited Take and Hide's school. Got to stand up in front of a classroom for an hour, explaining my experiences and answering questions. We also got to play some games... duck duck goose is a lot more interesting on a hardwood floor with socks, and hot potato was a hit to. It turns out that simon says doesn't work too well through an interpreter, though. After I thought I was done, I got to go through the whole thing again with Hide's class.

The kids were great, though... both classes made me a big bag of oragami souvenirs, and Hide's class even made me a book of thank you notes after I left.

After that, I went out to lunch with Mayumi and the Labo tutor. The food was good, but the restaurant was busy and had wailing kids, and I was kinda tired, not to mention I've got something of a cold going on. Oh well.

After I got home, Hide and I went through the oragami thank you notes, with him reading them and me trying to keep up. There was a lot of cool stuff in there.

Before dinner, one of the neighbors, Asami-san, came by and gave me a present, some manga I didn't have yet. She was nice, I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to meet her sooner. She came by not two hours after I had shipped off my suitcase with my extra presents in it, too. Oh well... I wrote her a thank you note on a post card, at least.