July 1st

Mistuda house

Germany won, and they didn't even play Kahn.

The Mitsudas took me to the Future Science Museum today. There was a lot of cool stuff, I took pictures too. They had a huge spherical display setup, using almost a million LEDs... they were using it mostly to depict the Earth in various focuses (foci?). There was a bunch of environmental energy efficient technologies on the first floor. I got to see a fuel cell powering a little fan, and they had some housing structures showing what we all should be living in.

They had an exhibit on mammoths, and a mammoth head in a freezer. Like, with tissue intact... they wouldn't let me take pictures, though. They also had the shipping container it had come in.

Another highlight was watching Asimo do a demonstration. They've gotten pretty far with walking automation now, he could walk around and climb stairs almost as fast a normal human (relative size, that is).

In the evening we watched a Detective Academy Q live action special. It was pretty good, it melded plots from a few different arcs, and was two hours long with commercials. We recorded it on the nqtivo device, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it on my computer to take home. I'll see...