Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

Today I wrote a letter to the new Australian interns who'll be arriving in February. Oh yeah, and I got my next assignment: after the month in Tokyo next year, I'll spend my last six months in Kyushu, the Fukuoka office. Emma will be in Nagoya.

Instead of going straight back to the station, I wandered around the north part of Sakae for a bit, and saw the Nagoya TV Tower. I got off a stop early and walked the rest of the way, stopping at the Apita for the heck of it. I bought a DS guitar sim, M-06, it was on sale. It works by holding the buttons to make different chords and strumming the touch screen. My host dad really got into it, apparently he likes guitar a lot.


mamagotcha said...

It took a little Google-mapping to figure out that you need a big hug about now! Maybe Santa should send you a Shinkansen pass in your stocking this year?