Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

Today I visited the Suzuki Party out in Kaguyama. I had to take a bus to get there, which meant I had to go to the Oasis 21 bus terminal in Sakae. The place is more like a shopping center with a UFO hovering over it than a bus terminal, it's really cool. I'll be visiting it again soon.

The party was great (played a traditional game called "hana ichi monme," I was pretty lost but it was still fun). The tutor dropped me off all the way back at Hoshigaoka station, so I didn't get to ride the bus again. The subway had just pulled up when I got to the platform, and I went towards the nearest car. A station attendant politely pointed me to the next car down, and I realized I had been about to board the women-only car. Oops. That would have been embarrassing.