Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

Spent the day preparing this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to be involved in some sort of interview process for the year-long high school exchange program. Then I'm going to Nara to visit Katie, and then I'll go to Kyoto with Simon. Gonna be fun!

My host father's parents were just diagnosed with cancer, and he drove out to be with them for the surgery. From what I hear it went ok, they still need to do some follow-up scans and stuff though. Hope they pull through alright. I'm not exactly sure where the town is, all I could get was that it's an 8 hour drive away.

We watched a program on TV this evening. It was a documentary about a dude and his pet goat. It ended with the goat getting some kind of bacterial infection and needing to be euthanized. They had a drawn-out shot of the goat dying in the dude's arms, it was pretty sad. They were talking about how when the dude was a boy, they took his dog away to become lion food after the dog bit another kid. I don't think this kind of thing would be too popular on American TV.

Also, something has been bugging me about TV here. If you thought laugh tracks were bad, that's nothing; it's common here to have a picture-in-picture video of the reactions and emotions of a studio audience.


Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading about your sty there. zlrmon pepper pasta sounds good

Anonymous said...

something wrong with my typing in previous comment. lemon pepper pasta and not sty but stay . We are having after thanksgiving visit with bill and link in Wa.

mamagotcha said...

That must've been Lorraine or Paul.

Are the titles just words out of the blue, or are there commonalities?