Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

I went to a Labo party today. I left early, didn't get lost, and arrived at the station early, so I poked my head into the little minishop near the wicket. The lady behind the counter asked me where I was from/what I was doing, and surprisingly enough she knew about Labo and the local Sato Party I was visiting. (Labo isn't really a publicly visible organization.)

The party was fun. The kids had a great time playing with my juggling balls, it's a miracle they didn't break any windows. The tutor wasn't like most tutors in that she didn't really ask me to provide anything to the party. I just participated in what they were doing already and played with the kids. She didn't ask me to come up with any games, or even to show my album (though I did pull that out at the end of the party anyways). Usually tutors are pretty insistent that I be center stage the whole time, but this was a nice change of pace.