Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

Today I visited the Usami Party 40th anniversary bonanza. It was at a kindergarten; two sessions of ~60 kids each, followed by a normal Labo party. We went out to an italian restaurant afterwards, joined by two of her older Labo students.

We talked a lot about temples and shinto and interns and homestays and haiku and traditional comedy theater and all sorts of stuff. She gave me a few presents, as well. Usami tutor is one of the longest standing and most respected tutors in the district, if not the whole organization. I'm pretty wiped, this entry should be way longer. Sorry.

Oh yeah, I finalized my switch to my fallback Independent Study Project of Igo. Virtual Labo is cool and all, but I am not going to keep spending this year indoors programming it.


mamagotcha said...

That sounds like it was a wonderful opportunity!

I hope you keep taking pictures and notes, though. I still want my virtual tour of Japan! Just because you're not programming now doesn't mean you won't do it eventually...

Jeff said...

Although I like Go and am glad you are finding it interesting, I am sorry to hear that the Virtual Tour wasn't working out. That sounded cool, too.

So now... just how are you going to conduct a Study Project of Igo? Play a lot? Visit historical sites related to Go? Document how Go fits into modern Japanese culture? Are you expected to write a report?