June 23rd

Mitsuda house

I managed to dump a bowl of soba sauce all over myself at lunch today. I need to stop staying up so late working on this journal...

Paulo and his sister both wore their Brasil jerseys today. I swear, that kid must have balls of steel walking around Tokyo like that, after what Brazil did to Japan this morning. Japan even had a lead early on in the game, but put down their hardest defeat yet.

Today we learned (again) how to buy things and ask more questions. Then we got to go out into Shinjuku and buy whatever the teacher had on whim when assigning us. I had to find two apples and a pamphlet for a local shopping center, and my partner Drew had to find a B5 40 page notebook. We searched the whole center looking for a pamphlet, but it was only when we gave up and left that we noticed them right at the entrance. We found the other stuff pretty easily.

After class, a few of us went down to Odakyu again. Everyone but Victoria and I had to leave pretty soon, so we just kinda hung out looking through the music and DVDs and anime swag. I bought a couple of "bit art" things, kinda like LEGO pegs, you stick them into a little board to make video game sprites. So far I've made Mario, a mushroom, and a fire flower with the help of Take. I also bought a new Famitsu and a new DS game, JSS, but I haven't really gotten a chance to see them yet. I'm gonna go do that now, and then go to bed.