June 27th

Mitsuda house

Today was fairly productive... We had a crash course in common verbs. We got to play a kind of game involving about 50 or so cards depicting various actions. We spread them out on the table between the group, and sensei called out a verb, and the first person to find it got to keep it. I lost pretty badly, but only cause I was playing martyr and researching the verb for everyone else on the fly. At least I learned a lot.

At lunch, I went out to the noodle shop across the street I'd been meaning to visit. The system was kinda interesting... They had a vending machine in the front, and you bought your ticket from that and gave it directly to the cook. They didn't offer just the noodles by themselves, so I got it with a Croquette rice bowl. Turned out that particular croquette was a fish one, but I still got to eat the rice, and the udon was really good.

After lunch, we got to do a few more verb games, one of them being charades. That was fun, it was kind of interesting when everyone knew exactly what they meant, but no one could say it in japanese. After we got out, I went straight to the train station with Victoria (stopping at Odakyu for some Naruto cards), and took the first train out. Mayumi wanted me back by 5, though I never figured out why... I think she just wanted a chance to leave me with Take and Hide so she could go for a walk.

Apparently the tuesday LABO party was cancelled this week for some reason, so I didn't get to see Nana. Oh well. There wasn't a Bleach, either, another stupid special is coming up.