I hate money. I wish I could personally dispose of all the money in the world.

At that shop right over there.

June 20th

Mitsuda house

About 5 minutes after I got up this morning, the house started shaking around, almost as if there was a strong wind. Turns out it was an earthquake, but it didn't seem to scathe anyone in the family, they kinda went "so what?"

I spent some time this morning studying kanji strokes with Mayumi and Tokio. "今朝地震がありました" is "there was an earthquake this morning," by the way. Me and Mayumi were joined by Iida-san for the train trip to Shinjuku. At class we did some more introductions, introducing out families, and we also studied some basic referral (kore, sore, are). For lunch I went down to the convenience store at the base of the building, where they sold lots of different food. I bought some inari, some potato stick things, some little chocolate filled donut things, and some ice cream in a toothpaste tube. Victoria opted to buy the latest volume of Naruto, 30 something, I think. I looked for a famitsu weekly, but couldn't find it.

After classes, Ryan and I stopped by in the biggest department store you've ever seen, though it looked no bigger than a radioshack from outside. We searched four floors for the "terebi gamisu", confusing directions every step of the way. By the time we found it there wasn't much time to look around, so we got what we came for and left. I got this sweeeet little kanji japanese/english dictionary for DS... it can do everything short of telepathy concerning translation, and I'm doubtful it's short of even that.

See an unfamiliar kanji, write said kanji on DS, understand kanji. It's got idioms and quizzes and voice pronunciation and everything. This thing is awesome.

After walking home and eating dinner, I went to a teen LABO group at Hana's house. There were like five people there, and we had a great time. The only one who fluently spoke english (other than Hana's mom) was Nana-san, a senior getting ready for entrance exams. She was pretty cool... I almost got her to juggle, but she found three balls a little intimidating to concentrate with. The DSictionary was a hit, it was useful for translating words that they or I didn't know when they came up in conversation. Hana's mom drove me and Nana home at like almost 11... and right now it's two hours past my bedtime. I'm out.