June 18th

Mitsuda house

I went to Take's Labo group today. It was a huge gym of about 200 people, mostly kids. There were four other exchange students there... Eric, Jennifer, and... I'm bad with names. We played a game, "what time is it, Mr. Wolf?" I got to be one of the wolves, though I didn't really know how to play. After that, we learned a dance choreography to a song, "there's a pig in the parlor" to the tune of "he's a jolly good fellow". Then, we did another one, "take this hammer, carry it to the captain". After that, they asked me and Eric to preform for everyone, him on his guitar, and me juggling. That was a success, everyone loved it... I wish I knew more tricks.

Today was interesting as far as food goes. For breakfast, we had tofu, rice, some other stuff, and nato. Nato... I'm not entirely sure what it is, and I don't thing I want to know. It seemed to be soybeans, only kinda fermented. So much so, that they looked like they were doused in honey or something. Like eating a very stringy pizza. For lunch, we had... erm... coleslaw and cheese pancakes. They were delicious. For dinner, we had kind of a rice soupy thing, with mushrooms, tomatoes, and some kind of dairy. Also, a little salad, with raw asparagus. Raw asparagus is way better than cooked, I actually liked it.

Early to rise, tomorrow, so early to bed. Japan plays Croatia in about an hour... Ikezou, Nippon!