June 29th

Mitsuda house

We had a new teacher in class today. I'm not sure why, but she seemed to strike an unagreeable chord with some of the kids, namely Eric. Seemed to work out ok, though.

During lunch, me, Victoria, Kage, and Bryce wandered Nishi-Shinjuku looking for a place to eat. Ryan tagged along some of the way, too. We found lots of places that cost a little too much, including a Denny's that had prices threefold of what they are in the states. We ended up just getting sandwiches from a convenience store, but the walk was nice. After we got back, Emma managed to dump a thing of milk all over her lap and the floor. All in good humor, but I'm glad to not be the only klutz around.

We wrote up some basic interview questions in japanese, then invaded the LABO work floor to interview a poor unsuspecting japanese LABO worker. Mine went pretty smoothly, but I didn't ask terribly confusing questions. Tim asked a girl to elope with him... she said "no" in english, and proceeded to look very busy on her computer.

Kage finished the drawing of Hinata, it looks really awesome. I wish I could draw that well... she can draw well beyond a professional level, even quickly and while paying attention in class. I wish I was that talented, at something at least...

On the way home, some of us stopped by Odakyu for a while. I bought a deck of Bleach cards and what I thought was a Naruto card box. Turns out it's the world's smallest display binder... you know how there are standard ones that display 9 cards a page? Then there are the ones that have 4 cards a page. This one has... 1 card a page, for 60 leaves. Pretty cool.

The train ride home was nice... I took the same line as Victoria and Kage, and we even got on early enough to get seats. I made the transfer at Omiya with less then 10 seconds to spare, the closest I've run for any train I've ridden so far. Hope I don't get closer then that. Bed now.