June 17th, 2006

Mitsuda no uchi

I managed to leave a lasting impression at the orientation... I kinda knocked over Holly's Fonta soda onto the rug. Oops. Kinda locked up on the stage, while introducing myself in japanese... these rooms always look way bigger when everyone is looking at you.

The Mitsuda family is pretty cool. I met them at the orientation, and they took me out to lunch in Shinjuku. I had some really thick udon noodles (they were about as thick as a pencil), and some inari on the side. Then we went through the Tokyo subway to Hasuda. The subway is crowded... makes bart look like an Amtrak. Outside the station, I bought some pajamas at a clothes store, because I had forgotten to pack any. They say "WILD BODY" all over them.

The neighborhood here is pretty cool. The roads are all technically one lane each way, but even just one of america's SUVs wouldn't be able to navigate through them.

When we got home, I met the last member of the mitsuda family, Boru-kun the shiba inu. He didn't take very well to me, even when I gave him treats... guess I'm different than most people he's seen. He warmed up to me when I took him for a walk with Takehide and Mayumi, though.

We went to a japanese shopping center and bought groceries... the alcohol aisle was covered in endorsements from the japanese national world cup team. After that, we went upstairs to a japanese hobby shop. You know how hobby shops are little corner store sized things in the US? Here, this thing was an entire department store, almost exclusively for models of every kind. Takehide got a cool space fighter thing mass productive middle range support pod. That thing was really detailed... you build from the inside out, so the whole thing is a model, even the middle and the several layers of exterior to boot.

Mayumi made a wonderful dinner! I think it was parmesan quiche. There was also fresh baked bread from the breadmaker. After dinner, Takehide, Hidetaka and I played mario kart for a while. They were really interested in playing with the american version of the game, so I ended up playing against my own profile. By the way, will I go to hell for snaking a six year old? What about if he's snaking back at me?

Now I'm writing this, and Tokio said they have wireless internet. LABO doesn't want me to use it too much, though, so I won't... use it that much. Now it's bedtime. Oh yeah, I left out a lot of stuff, sorry. I'm tired.