Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

The Labo Party turned out to be a playgroup, pretty laid back. There was a 3y/o, a 2y/o, a 1y/o, a baby, and three mothers. Had a great time, the matching game went over well. We had a small lunch there, too. The tutor, Shibata tutor, is apparently an avid baker, and she made some bagels for us. They were certainly up to par from what I could tell, although my palette might not be quite calibrated.

Bleah, late.


Amanda said...

Is there something special from NY I can send you for "gifts"?

Cordell Newmiller said...

If you can, that'd be great! I'm sure my host family would love something. Make sure you don't get swindled on the shipping though, prices are all over the place from what I understand.

Anything regional would be good, maybe something having to do with the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Syosset FD, Mets apparel, that sorta thing. The kids in this family are into picture books, too. Keep in mind that Japanese houses are pretty small, so nothing that takes up too much space. Also, although they like movies, DVDs tend to be region-locked.