Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

Aurora was nice enough to let me sleep in again, today. Grr.

Mostly phutzed around with Ren'py during the day. In the evening, I built a big cargo ship out of legos, and a car and shipping container to put on it. My host dad works for a shipping company, see. When he got home, I asked him how mine compared to the real ones. He said it looked pretty neat, but his company's ships carry 4000 cars at a time. My ship could carry maybe two cars at the scale I built them. Even using 2x1 blocks for "cars," my ship's capacity was still an order of magnitude short.

Oh yeah, and building a container at an 8x8.5x20 ratio is hard when you don't have any plates.

On a side note, 100 posts! I bet some of them are even worth reading.


Amanda said...

'On a side note, 100 posts! I bet some of them are even worth reading.'

Why yes they are!

Jeff said...

The warm bots?

Cordell Newmiller said...

Written directions on how to use the microwave. あたため is what you push to make your food 'worm.'


Blair said...

They most certainly are worth reading sir!
Says the girl writing a paper at 3:50 am in Maryland