Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

Labo party was fun. We spent the entire allotted hour doing songbirds and a theme activity, and the next half hour juggling. For future reference, I will not attempt to teach at a party unless I'm equipped with a bucket of balloon balls or something. This was the same party I walked in on when I arrived here almost two weeks ago, so they'd already seen my album.

I'm beginning to see how these things might wear someone out when done in high quantities.


mamagotcha said...

The will village it is foolish lord?


Limes and rolled socks are good juggling ball substitutes.

Cordell Newmiller said...

Shimura Ken's Stupid King. Or something along those lines. My host family was watching an episode of it on TV the other day. It's sort of a lighthearted show about a feudal lord and his court. Its Japanese isn't so complicated so I could follow along ok. Clip here, that's the main character and his sister trying to do homework.