Murata Apartment, Fukuoka

Today I went on a walk. A nice, long walk. Turns out that the beach is less then ten minutes north of here.

As I was approaching the beach, I was thinking about how I'd seen way less foreigners in Kyushu than I tended to in Tokyo or Nagoya. A moment later, I found myself standing next to one. He introduced himself and his wife, and we actually had a conversation in English. He's even a Californian as well. They pointed me on a good trail, and I kept walking for a good two hours. There were 800 year old stone walls built to fend off the mongol invasions, bridges, parks, shrines, and a very friendly kitty cat.

I've made up my mind; I like this city.


mamagotcha said...

Wow, that sounds fabulous!

And now I'm imagining you playing out those Azu-manga Daioh meet-the-kitty scenes...