Murata Apartment, Fukuoka

Today my host dad and I drove down to Nagasaki for a Labo Songbird program. They were all in languages other than English, so they were new to me. We took a scenic route back, through a mountainous region with a few quaint little villages.

In the evening, we all went to a public bath. It really wasn't very relaxing, for me at least, there were too many people.


Julia said...

For a second, I thought your subject line was about the satellite/missile thing happening in North Korea. (A friend of mine in the Air Force is in South Korea right now, which is slightly worrying.)

Aren't Japanese public baths nude?

Cordell Newmiller said...

Yeah, it is slightly worrying. Fukuoka is one of the closest large cities outside of Korea (the closest?) to Pyongyang.

My best goes to your friend, hope nothing happens.

Yes, yes they are. The other interns seem to think it's not such a big deal, but then, they're mostly girls.


Julia said...

Yeek. I just Google Mapped it. I don't know what things are like between North Korea and Japan, but South Korea could easily become a bad place to be very soon, and I'm slightly nervous about you being that close to potential shit going down. :/ How long are you staying in that part of Japan?