Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

Today was my last scheduled office day and/or Labo Party for almost a month. There were like 50 people there (Kitatani tutor). it was plenty of fun, but I didn't get home until like ten.

I messed around with videos for a bit... there were some problems, youtube would truncate the video way down, so I had to put it into a different format and I tried Google video instead. After finally successfully uploading five videos, I now see that there is no userpage to link to. Google video sucks.

(Next best thing I can do is link to one video, and you can see "more from user." I'll probably reupload them somewhere else later, too.)


Jeanette said...

Thanks for posting the videos. Does posting the videos directly into your blog work ok?

Also we got your card in the mail the other day. Thanks!

Julia said...

Hah, I just watched those. You're so cute with your little snowballs and fishes. Post more! Post videos of your host family! Especially the dad.