Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

After spending a few hours at the office calling all the tutors I'll see next week in Hokuriku, I went to visit Suzuki Party. The party itself was fine, but the interesting part came afterwards. Suzuki's father, a Go teacher, visited with some problems and little go boards for everyone. He gave everyone sets of beginner problems to work on, while Suzuki's son (6y/o) and I did some lower-kyu problems.

That didn't last too long before everyone had to go home, and we ate dinner. After dinner, Minoru (I think that was his name, I just called him "sensei") and I played a full game. He's a licensed amateur 6 dan, and he gave me nine stones. He played a good teaching game, but I didn't realize just how much control he'd had until after we counted our territory; he'd pulled an Akira and tied the game. I was sure impressed. I recorded the game, too.

At that point it was ten, I didn't get back home until after eleven. Late trains are nice, not so crowded.


Julia said...

Ooh, that's cool! I loved that episode when Touya tied all four of his tutoring games.