Nakatani Apartment, Nagoya

This morning I went to a kindergarten Labo Party with Yamaguchi tutor. It was three half-hour sessions with 30 kids and 30 moms each. That's a lot of people.

I went back to Labo Center and studied a bunch, my test is coming up this weekend.

I hung out with some college mates before their meeting started, taught a few of them how to juggle.

Walking home, I looked up and saw the crescent moon next to bright planets Venus and Jupiter. It's rare that I see much in the sky at all, so that was kind of a treat.

I've been bonking my head against Terminal, trying to get a wireless upload working with my DS. I must have a unique version of netcat that refuses to actually run. It's very annoying.

Oh yeah, and a building about a hundred meters or so away went up before dinner. Smoke and flame and tons of fire trucks and sirens. We don't know anything about it yet, but it seems like the firefighters got everything under control. One of my host mom's friends lives there, I hope they're ok.


Jeff said...

When I first read "three half-hour sessions with 30 kids and 30 moms each" I thought "30 moms per kid? Thats a lot of moms!"

Test? uh, which one?

Netcat? In my experience there are many ways in which a program can fail to run. Start with small files to speed up the testing process.

Fire? Sounds bad... hope no one was hurt.