Goto Apartment, Machida, Tokyo

Today I studied, attended class, and took a short walk through east Shinjuku on the way home.

Oh yeah, and I passed the JLPT! Woot.


mamagotcha said...

w00t indeed! Congratulations... what does passing this test confer upon you?

Jeff said...

Congratulations... +1 resume-fu.

Mermaid go bye-bye?

Julia said...

Hey, my brother speaks Japanese. That's pretty cool. Which level did you pass?

Cordell Newmiller said...

It was only level 4, so it's not really anything too special. But yeah, I do speak Japanese. :)

Ariel, our coordinator/boss, left for North America for some conferences and to interview the next interns. She won't be back until March, so we're pretty much taking care of ourselves for the rest of the month here in Tokyo.