Watanabe House, Tokyo

Today I met with all the other interns, including the two new ones from Australia, Stuart and Janet.

Got a big box kite in the mail. It's a wonderful kite, though the middle of Tokyo is not particularly the best place for kite flying. That didn't stop Stuart, Emma, and I from running around with it on a big patio in front of the Tocho. Kites like this are quite rare in Japan, as I understand it, and crazy foreigners sporting one in the middle of Shinjuku is an even rarer sight. The patio was sorta sunken and surrounded by trees, so it wasn't windy enough to really get up. Oh well, we still had fun.


Jeff said...

Yay for a box kite
dancing in winter city
a picture of life

Anonymous said...

Yea! You're posting again! Looks like I have some reading to do! This is a fun time for a mom in the Midwest whose longest trip this year was to St. Louis. :) Janet

grandpa said...

cord, grandma is very happy that you are enjoying the kite, i find it unusual that the box kite is rare in japan, i thought that that the art of kite flying was originated in japan?grandpa